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Alternative fuel

Recently there is more and more talk about alternative fuel as a chance of energetic use of waste and therefore reduction of fossil fuels. The problem is that by now such fuel in polish regulations is still treated as waste so its combustion comes under stringent regulations like those for waste incineration and co-incineration.

There are many common names for fuel obtained from waste:

  • WDF (Waste Derived Fuels)
  • SRF (Solid Recovered Fuels)
  • combustible wastes (polish: odpady palne)
  • fuel from waste (polish: paliwo z odpadów)
  • derived fuel (polish: paliwo odpadowe)
  • etc.

but according to the polish waste catalogue [1] it is a waste with code 19 12 10 – „Combustible wastes (alternative fuel)” [„Odpady palne (paliwo alternatywne)”].

The acknowledgement that such fuel is not any more waste can be only after the preparation of appropriate propositions of CEN (the European Committee for Standardization). in the wake of these propositions there will be introduced new EU regulations and then national ones defining, inter alia:

a) emissions standards,

b) requirements for emission measurements,

c) specifying rates of biomass content necessary:

– to calculate CO2 emissions for installations covered by the ETS,

– to define „green energy” in the settlements of energy from RES,

– in determining the level of preferential subsidies on the purchase of „green energy”.

The website of the Ministry of the Environment posted conference papers on this issue
– I recommend:

What can be called alternative fuel?

The use of alternative fuels in the power industry

Initial proposals for standards for the production of alternative fuels

The legal basis

[1] Rozporządzenie Ministra Środowiska z dnia 27 września 2001 r. w sprawie katalogu odpadów – Dz. U. Nr 112/2001, poz. 1206

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Joanna Wilczyńska (19.02.2012)
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